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Third Sector, TSIs and Scottish Budget 2024/25 – TSI Network Pre Budget Brief

Third Sector, TSIs and Scottish Budget 2024/25 – TSI Network Pre Budget Brief

“We ask Government to use the upcoming budget to ensure the third sector can continue to play a part in creating the kind of country we all want to see – fair, compassionate, welcoming, equal and focused on the wellbeing of every citizen.”

The TSI Scotland Network has today published a pre-Budget briefing outlining the critical role of the third sector and TSIs as we all try to respond to the unprecedented economic, health and wellbeing challenges we face as a nation. 

The social and community infrastructure provided by the third sector and TSIs has been called on repeatedly over the last decade – more recently, in coordinating local support for the COVID panic, in welcoming Ukrainian refugees and responding to winter resilience challenges.   As we do more, the need for fair and sustainable funding has never been more urgent, to ensure that our sector continues to assist and work with communities and families across Scotland.

TSIs and the wider third sector want to do what they can to aid recovery across the economy and in key public services.  We can only do that fully where funding is secure, longer term and enables us to fully implement Fair Work principles.  

The briefing covers:

  • The long-term challenges facing the third sector;
  • The expanding role, and the contribution of TSIs and the third sector to the Scottish Government priorities linked to “Equality, Opportunity and Community”;
  • The need to better recognise and respect the value of the third sector and people’s volunteering activities
  • The importance of involving the third sector in national planning and policies;
  •  “Calls for Action” for the 24/25 Scottish Budget 24/25.

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