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Statement on decision on Single Intermediary Body supporting Social Enterprises in Scotland

TSI Scotland Network represents the third sector close to communities across Scotland and in particular this covers the range of organisations that trade solely for community benefit – social enterprises and social entrepreneurs, charities, development trusts and community benefits societies. The Network often also provides leadership and support directly or indirectly to local Social Enterprise Networks (SENs). In both capacities, it is keen to work closely now with the newly-agreed single intermediary body, Social Enterprise Scotland, to ensure the central values of the third sector are retained at the core of the work led by Social Enterprise Scotland (SES).

The TSI Scotland Network looks forward to building beneficial relationships with SES that will champion the principles of the third sector around community wealth building, social justice, ethical and environmental benefits to communities, in line with government policy and by doing so protect the community assets established and delivered by social enterprises as a continued legacy for local people and communities. We also hope to see the recognition of volunteering as key part of the role and success of social enterprises highlighted and the integral way that TSIs support volunteering in communities.

Anthea Coulter, Chief Officer of Clackmannanshire Third Sector Interface on behalf of the TSI Scotland Network added, “ The TSI Scotland Network has worked more closely with SENScot over the last twenty years in community settings in particular and I would like to thank them on behalf of the TSI Scotland Network for their huge contribution to the development of the sector. The Network is keen to see their expertise and wealth of knowledge that they have within their organisation not be lost but built on in the future. SENScot developed out of their own social enterprise membership and the services they offer including SENScot Legal and P4P, as well as the support to members is critical for social enterprises and the sector more widely. We look forward to entering into constructive discussions with SES on these points along with starting positive planning on how we can work together on behalf of the SEN communities across Scotland going forward and the wider third sector.”